Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter Maintenance tipsNow that your boat is put away for winter, it is a good time to check some of the essential parts you will need when spring time comes around and you want to it to be ready for some fun.

Parts & Equipment You Should Pay Attention To

Have you checked your zinc lately? You should replace your zinc anodes when approximately half the anode has been lost to corrosion. If this occurs within a year’s time, you may need a heavier zinc anode. Your zinc should not reach this point within a year. You can use the winter months as your gauge for each year. Make sure to check  the metals that are being protected by the zinc. If they do corrode, consider getting a bigger zinc.

Check out your lip seals. If your shaft seal has been on the boat for more than two years and the shaft is uncoupled for any reason during the haul out, you should definitely replace the lip seal at that time.

Take a closer look at your propeller. If you find any dings or even a missing blade, it needs to be replaced or repaired.  If you found that you had poor fuel economy and poor performance, or your boat did not accelerated or cornered well, it’s time to fix your propeller or even get a new one. Noticeable vibrations coming from your propeller also means that you need to address the issue.

Is your bilge pump working properly? Your life can depend on it.  Small amounts of water in the bilge are normal, but if you notice any more than an inch or two, you really need to troubleshoot your bilge pump.  Take a closer look at the float switch.  Debris in the bilge may be preventing it from working properly. Clear it away  if you find any.

When was your life raft repacked the last time? Most manufacturers recommend getting your life raft repacked and certified at least every three years.

Ask The Experts

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