Summer Boat Maintenance Tips

2602-Legacy, Summer Boat Maintenance It is almost Summer and you and your friends and family enjoying some quality time on your boat. If you want to make sure there are plenty more boat trips in the coming months, there are a few things you should do regulatory to keep your boat running.  An easy Summer boat maintenance tip:  rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water after every trip to remove salt residue. This will prevent salt buildup and damage to the clear coat.

Check Fluids

You should check your oil every time before hitting the water. Engine oil should be a clean, amber or gold color. Black oil indicates old and dirty oil; change it. Changing the oil in your boat’s engine is an easy way to prevent bigger issues from arising later in the season. If the oil looks milky or frothy, it’s contaminated by water and you should bring the engine in for service.

Check Propeller

Take a closer look at your propeller. If you find any dings or even a missing blade, it needs to be replaced or repaired.  If you found that you had poor fuel economy and poor performance, or your boat did not accelerated or cornered well, it’s time to fix your propeller or even get a new one. Noticeable vibrations coming from your propeller also mean that you may need a new one.

Check Safety Equipment

When was your life raft repacked the last time? Most manufacturers recommend getting your life raft repacked and certified at least every three years. The U.S. Coast Guard also performs free vessel safety checks. For more information visit:

Ask The Experts

Are you a new boat owner? Consider hiring a professional to do the job. Contact the experts at Aqua Marine New Orleans. We have professionally trained technicians that will make sure your Yamaha Waverunner or NauticStar boat is ready for the weather. For more information visit: